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Two apps that millennials use heavily

A study by Pew Research Centre shows that millennials constitute 72.1 percent of the total global population. The new generation is known for its heavy use of mobile phones. A study by the same organization found that 93% of them own smartphones. 86% of them have reported being active on social media. Another interesting finding of the study is that they spend 5.7 hours on average every day on their phone. This came as no surprise.

What do they do on their phones? What are the most popular apps among the youth? This understanding will help businesses, brands, and influencers for a better connection with them

The most popular form of social media is surprisingly not Instagram or Facebook. It is Snapchat which is primarily a photo-sharing app. A different study showed that 82% of total snappers are 34 years old or younger. Almost one-third of them are not present on Instagram or other social media making it even more attractive.

Businesses and brands target the youth present on the platform in multiple ways. They make use of AR lenses, a feature that Snapchat offers. 75% of users interact with AR making it a good way to target them. These lenses superimpose special effects, graphics, and animations on top of real-life images. Creating a sponsored lens is the way brands make use of this feature.

Another strategy that brands use is to buy Snapchat followers. This helps ensure the growth of the brand very quickly. This is used by businesses when they require instant growth. Companies that offer this service claim that the followers bought form an interested, engaging audience. However, some businesses find it unethical and deceiving to buy Snapchat followers. This one is a personal choice and not used by some brands.

Another very popular app is Wattpad. It has 65 million users among which 72% are millennials. It is a social media app built around reading. Surprisingly, the youth is stereotyped as distancing themselves from books. The app prides in possessing millions of free e-books and the number is ever-growing. The advantage of this platform is that people can join and publish for free. The only requirement is that the content should follow a few guidelines set to ensure quality.

The Country Head of Wattpad India, Devashish Sharma, in an interview with The Hindu claimed writers either write for ads or were looking to publish their content. This is not a far cry from the truth. The platform currently sees 400 monthly story uploads. A user spends roughly 37 minutes daily on the app. These numbers are direct evidence of how popular the app is among the millennials.

Like Snapchat, authors sometimes tend to buy followers from various companies offering the service. However, this trend is not very common when compared to Snapchat. As mentioned before, Snapchat is used heavily by brands to expand their audience. However many sources claim that the brands which make use of Wattpad to reach the target audience are minimal. It is primarily for authors to connect with their readers.